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Dumfries Cycling Club Race Calendar 2017·      Free Wednesday evenings weeks available for training and participation events to appeal to the whole club membership.

·      DG League rules and arrangements to follow. These events will be open to riders aged 12+ from any CTT affiliated club and will be run collaboratively with the membership of other participating clubs.

·      DG League and Open events can count towards DCC competitions

·      The ‘Come and Try’ event is open to newcomers as a ‘taster’ event for those wishing to try a time trial for the first time or for those returning to the sport.

·      The ‘Merckx’ TT is open to members, will be ridden on road bikes and shallow rim wheels, with no aerodynamic clothing, pointy helmets or bicycle modifications. 

PURPLE = Dumfries CC leagues (under usual Scottish Cycling rules)

RED = Dumfries & Galloway League (CTT 'B' Events)

PINK = Open Saturday events

BLUE = Volunteers required

Please see the rota of helpers added to the race calendar. If you are unable to make the night indicated please seek a swap with a clubmate before informing the Race Secretary.

Wednesday 5 April   6.30pm   Glencaple 10 (1/10) G Collins, C McCann

Saturday 8th April  11.00am  Wild Hills APR (TLI) Volunteers required

Wednesday 12 April  7.00pm  Park Farm (1/6) T Kowalski, H Acklam, D Niblock     

Wednesday 19 April  7.00pm  Collin 10 (2/10) A Ure, D McCalley, D Keenan       

Wednesday 26 April  7.00pm  Glencaple 10  (DG League 1) (3/10) C Scade, J Graham, A Hewitt, H Acklam

Wednesday 3 May     7.00pm ‘Come + Try’ TT  Glencaple C Scade, S Spellacy

Wednesday 10 May    7.00pm  Glencaple 25 (DGL2) (2/6) B Morrell, K Jamieson, Gill McNeil, S Garner      

Wednesday 17 May    7.00pm       FREE  

Wednesday 24 May    7.00pm   Loch Ken 25 (3/6) CANCELLED

Wednesday 31 May    7.00pm   Glencaple 10 (DGL3) (4/10) G Collins + D McCalley

Wednesday 7 June    7.00pm   Club ‘Merckx’ TT. R Colbeck, G Shedden

Wednesday 14 June   7.00pm   Lockerbie 10 (5/10) S Wylie, C Kirkpatrick  

Wednesday 21 June   7.00pm Devil On Wheels 18 (4/6) C Scade, B Morrell +3

Wednesday 28 June   7.00pm   Glencaple 10  (DGL 4) (6/10) A Ure +1

Wednesday 5 July    7.00pm      FREE

Wednesday 12 July   7.00pm      FREE  

Wednesday 19 July   7.00pm      FREE  

Wednesday 26 July   7.00pm   Kirkland 10 (7/10) Gill + Gordon McNeil    

Wednesday 2 August  7.00pm   Glencaple 10  (DGL 5) (8/10) J Sturgeon +1  

Wednesday 9 August  7.00pm     FREE

Wednesday 16 August  7.00pm  Lockerbie 10 (9/10) S Garner, D Pritchard

Saturday 19th August 9.00am Loch Ken Open 25 (CTT ‘A’ event) (5/6) C Scade + volunteers tbc required

Wednesday 23 August  7.00pm  Glencaple 10 (10/10) N Pearson +1

Wednesday 30 August  7.00pm  Brownhall 13 (DGL 6) (6/6) H Acklam +3

Wednesday 6 September  6.30pm  Loch Ettrick Hill Climb S Spellacy, D Jordan +1  

Wednesday 13 September 6.30pm  Pie Eaters 5 S McGivern, G Marland        

Please note :

  • The named officials are responsible for putting out race signage **having collected it the week before**, recording the start sheet, timekeeping and marshalling the course where appropriate. Riders' times should be passed on to the Race Secretary as soon as possible following each event. 
  • Riders must be subscription paid members of Dumfries Cycling Club to ride club time trials
  • Riders must sign on to ride 15 minutes prior to start.
  • The race secretary or race timekeeper will decide starting order.
  • All riders must co-operate with arrangements to help the time keeper.
  • 10 mile handicap league - best 7 times count. 18-25 mile handicap league - best 5 times count.
  • All riders must wear a helmet throughout event. NO HELMET - NO RIDE will be strictly enforced.
  • At all times riders must obey the rules of the road (e.g. give way to oncoming traffic at roundabouts etc).
  • Do not ride dangerously or "head down" and do not make "u" turns or loiter at start or finish lines.
  • Riders must have a rear light attached to their bikes for all time trials.
  • The 5 mile TT is a total handicap event where the fastest rider in the 10 mile time trials starts on scratch, each rider's handicap is their best 10 mile time trail of the season subtracted from the scratch rider's time and divided by 2.
  • NOMINATED OFFICIALS: If you cannot make it on your date it is your responsibility to arrange a
    replacement or swap. If you are ill or planning to watch an event please volunteer as a helper or marshal.
The events listed in our calendar include:

Dumfries CC Time Trials
Unless otherwise stated, these events are only open to first claim members of the Club.  See the above PDF document for guidance on entering these events.  See also the British Cycling policy on club confined time trials

TLI Road Races
TLI road races are an ideal entry into road racing.  For more information on this format see the TLI web-site.  The calendar includes our popular Moniaive Wild Hills Road Race and the Dumfries CC Daystager stage race.

Sportives are timed events over pre-defined courses and are very popular challenge amongst our club members.  Events covered include the Drumlanrig Tearfund Challenge and the Solway Sportive.

Event Officials / Volunteers
Club Volunteers nominated to help run each of our events are indicated in the calendar.  Please take careful note of any events that you have been nominated to look after and ensure that you check what you are being asked to do on the night.  Please contact the race secretary if you have any questions.

For any further info regarding forthcoming TTs etc please get in touch with the race secretary. 

Dalbeattie Road Race 2013 (SWSCP Cat4) (picture by Alec Barclay)

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