Dumfries Cycling Club TT / Race Results 2014

Here are the race and time trial results for 2014:

Dumfries CC Champions League

Dumfries CC Champions League 2014
See our race calendar for more details.  This league combines TT and RR results for Dumfries CC members only.

Road Race Results

Moniaive Wild Hills - 5th April 2014 PDF results

Crichton APR Race 1
Thanks to the D&G Scripture Union action team for organising this race.

1st Stephen Spellacy, Dumfries CC
2nd Brian Young, Dumfries CC
3rd Kenny Hogg, Annan

Crichton APR Race 2
Thanks again  to the D&G Scripture Union action team for organising this race and to the Fresco Cafe.

1st Stephen Spellacy, Dumfries CC
2nd Ryan Hill, Classic Racing
3rd Paul King

Crichton APR Race 3
Many more thanks to D&G Scripture Union action team and the Fresco Cafe.

1st Rob Nicholson, Classic Racing Team
2nd Les Redden, Annan 2010 Racing
3rd Paul McQueen, Annan Youth Cycling Club

Crichton APR Race 4 - 19th June full series updated results and TLI League Table
Thanks again to the Scripture Union action team and well done on raising £500 for charity by supporting these races. 

1st Chris Stewart
2nd  Rian Hill
3rd Graeme Lancaster

Overall Solway League Result 2014

1st Stephen Spellacy
2nd Chris Stewart
3rd David Walpole

Time Trial League Tables and Points Calculations:

10 Mile League Table - 13th September 2014

18/25 Mile League Table 13th September 2014

Here are the steps used to make the league tables:
  1. A riders handicap time is the difference between their 3 year PB and the Club's best recorded for the given distance.
  2. A rider's time on the night is adjusted by subtracting the handicap from their recorded time.
  3. The top ten times are awarded points for the league. Best seven results at the end of the year for the league.
  4. Veterans are over 50 now!
Please remember to turn up and register for club time trials by 6:30pm.  Please also remember to have a back  light.

Individual TT results:

Collin 10mile TT 2nd April 2014 (click here for league table calcs)
Graham Sheddon 31:05, Eugene Fung 30:08, Colin Copeland 27:19, Stuart Graham 29:12, Steven Todd 30:22, Adam Mitchell 26:56, Gill McNeil 29:11, Donald McCalley 28:52, Richard Colbeck 28:28, Glen Marland 28:02, Alex Ure -, Colin McCann 26:32, Owen Young 25:42, Brian Morrell 28:14, Stephen Spellacy 25:30, Neil Pearson 23:45, Cameron Scade 24:01, Mike Thomson 25:14, Gordon McNeil 25:17, Brian Young 24:33, Andrew Taylor 25:18

Collin 10mile TT 9th April 2014 (click here for league table calcs)
Graham Sheddon 31:18,  Eugene Fung 29:16, Gill McNeil 28:29, Adam Mitchell 27:15, Donald McCallay 27:57, Graham Kerr 27:40, Brian Morrell 26:33, Alex Ure 26:19, Colin McCann 25:28, Stephen Spellacy 24:23, Andrew Taylor 25:30, Mike Thomson 24:50, Cameron Scade 23:45, Neil Pearson 23:24

Lockerbie 10mile TT 16th April 2014 (click here for league table calcs for this event)
Graham Sheddon 30:48, Dave Moss 29:55, Donald McCalley 27:48,  Glen Marland 28:05,  Graham Kerr 27:56,  Gill McNeil 28:40,  Stuart Graham 29:04,  Daniel Walpole 29:50,  Brian Morell 27:01,  David Walpole 27:57,  Alex Ure 26:35,  Stephen Spellacy 25:14,  Colin McCann 25:46,  Chris Ross 25:47,  Gordon McNeil 25:26,  Andrew Taylor 25:18,  Neil Pearson 23:37,  Cameron Scade 23:22

Park Farm 18mile TT 23rd April 2014 (click here to view league table calcs for this event)
Graham Sheddon 56:49,  Stuart Graham 52:44,  Daniel Walpole 53:37,  Colin Little 52:21,  David Walpole 52:01,  Graham Kerr 53:54,  Glenn Marland 51:03,  Adam Mitchell 50:32,  Brian Morrell 50:32,  Owen Young 47:39,  Colin McCann 47:13,  Chris Ross 46:50,  Mike Thomson 47:23,  Andrew Taylor 46:45,  Stephen Spellacy 46:48,  Brian Youing 46:05,  Neil Pearson 44:47

Lockerbie 10mile TT 30th April 2014 (click here for league table calcs for this event)
Graham Sheddon 29:37,  Steven Todd 29:29,  Alex Barclay 28:39,  Daniel Walpole 27:33,  Gill McNeil 27:39,  Graham Kerr 27:40,  Colin Little 27:53,  Glenn Marland 26:09,  Gary Collins 27:21,  Adam Mitchell 26:06,  David Walpole 27:17,  Brian Morrell 26:05,  Colin McCann 25:15,  Chris Ross 24:31,  Owen Young 25:08,  Andrew Taylor 24:39,  Brian Young 24:11,  Stephen Spellacy 24:01,  Donald McCallay 27:04, Neil Pearson 23:22,  Mike Thomson 24:01,  Richard Colbeck 27:10

Brownhall 25mile TT 14th May 2014 (click here for league table calcs for this event)
Stuart Graham 75:27,  Gill McNeil 71:47,  Donald McCallay 70:23,  Richard Colbeck 69:57,  Glenn Marland 68:55,  Brian Morrell 67:59,  Adam Mitchell 69:11,  Owen Young 65:42,  Chris Ross 63:23,  Stephen Spellacy 62:49,  Andrew Taylor 65:07,  Brian Young 65:11, Neil Pearson 61:02

Lockerbie 10mile TT 28th May
Called off due to rain leading to unsafe levels of surface water.

Collin 10mile TT 11th June (click here for league table calculations for this event)
Officials were Katherine McNeil, Gill McNeil and Stephen Spellacy.
Kath McCormac 30:26,  Niall Anderson 30:37,  Graham Kerr 27:45,  Donald Sharp 28:30,  Colin Little 28:02,  Colin McCann 25:52,  Adam Mitchell 26:19,  Steven Copeland 28:41,  Daniel Walpole 27:38,  Glenn Marland 26:09,  Garry Collins 27:48,  Colin Copeland 26:34,  Donald McCallay 27:43,  Richard Colbeck 27:44,  Chris Ross 25:00,  David Walpole 26:16,  Gordon McNeil 25:09,  Mike Thomson 25:12,  Andrew Taylor 25:32,  Cameron Scade 24:47,  Neil Pearson 23:57

Loch Ken 25mile TT 25th June
Officials were Katherine McNeil, Adam Mitchell and Graham Shedden.
Alan McKean 73:57,  Colin Little 70:41, Donald McCallay 69:45, Richard Colbeck 69:36, Glenn Marland 67:00, Brian Morrell 70:41, Andrew Taylor 64:26, Stephen Spellacy 63:33, Cameron Scade 63:06,  Neil Pearson 61:34

Lockerbie 10mile TT 2nd July (click here for league table calculations for this event)
Officials were Katherine McNeil and Graham Kerr
Kath McCormac 30:04,  Alan McKean 26:38,  Gill McNeil 27:43,  Donald Sharp 27:22,  Donald McCallay 27:16,  Richard Colbeck 26:23,  Adam Mictchell 25:49,  Daniel Walpole 27:13,  Brian Morrell 26:08,  David Walpole 25:27,  Chris Ross 23:44,  Andrew Taylor 24:46,  Gordon McNeil 24:02,  Mike Thomson 24:23,  Cameron Scade 23:27,  Stephen Spellacy 24:22,  Neil Pearson 23:54

Park Farm 18mile TT 9th July (click here for league  tables and calculations for this event)
Officials were David Walpole, Neil Pearson and Andrew Taylor
Kath McCormac 56:51,  Graham Shedden 57:54,  Gill McNeil 53:48,  Graham Kerr 53:20,  Donald McCalley 52:44,  Donald Sharp 52:45,  Colin Little 51:45,  Brian Morrell 50:15,  Alan McKean 50:44,  Daniel Walpole 50:06,  Garry Collins 51:43,  Glenn Marland 49:11,  Shaun Wylie 49:55,  Gordon McNeil 46:24,  Stephen Spellacy 46:43,  Cameron Scade  44:18,  Neil Pearson 45:52

Brownhall 25mile TT 16th July (click here for league table calculations for this event)
Officals were Brian Young, Alec Barclay and Colin Little
Colin Watson 73:38,  Gill McNeil 72:33,  Donald McCalley 70:58,  Adam Mitchell 69:57,  Brian Morrell 69:47,  Andrew Taylor 65:54,  Jack Taylor 61:44,  Stephen Spellacy 65:45,  Gordon McNeil 63:36,  Cameron Scade 60:36,  Alan McKean 72:10,  Chris Ross 64:29.

Lockerbie 10mile TT 6th August (click here for league table calculations for this event)
Officials were Gill McNeil, Katherine McNeil and Brian Morrell
Kath McCormac 28:40,  Colin Watson 27:03,  Doonald McCallay 26:22,  Colin Little 26:08,  Donald Sharp 26:39,  Glenn Marland 25:09,  Adam Mitchell 25:38,  Chris Ross 23:25,  Andrew Taylor 24:19,  Gordon McNeil 23:29,  Cameron Scade 23:02,  Neil Pearson 23:18

Lockerbie 10mile TT 13th August (click here for league table calculations for this event)
Official was Neil Pearson.
Kath McCormac 29:13,  Graham Kerr 27:12,  Donald Sharp 27:08,  Gill McNeil 27:45,  Brian Morrell 25:17,  Adam Mitchell 26:04,  Glenn Marland 24:44,  Stephen Spellacy 24:32,  Chris Ross 23:55,  Cameron Scade 22:57.

Penpont (Devil on Wheels) 18mile TT 21st August (click here for results and league table calculations for this event)
Officlais were Cameron Scade, Katherine McNeil and Graham Shedden.
See the above link for results from this event.

Park Farm 18mile TT 28th August (click here for results and league table calculations for this event)
Officials were Brian Morrell, David Walpole and Chris Ross
See the above link for results.

Collin 10mile 3rd September (click here for league table calculations for this event)
Officials were Graham Shedden, Garry Collins and Donald McCallay
Cameron Scade 00:24:02,  Steven Spellacy 00:24:18,  Neil Pearson 00:24:21,  Gordon McNeil 00:24:28,  Chris Ross 00:24:54,  Andrew Taylor 00:25:40,  Glen Marland 00:25:47,  Richard Colbeck 00:26:51,  Alex Ure 00:27:05,  Alan McKean 00:27:28,  Adam Mitchell 00:27:37,  Gill McNeil 00:27:41,  Donald Sharp 00:27:45,  Colin Little 00:27:54,  Stuart Graham 00:28:16,  Kath McCormac 00:28:57

Loch Ettrick Hill Climb 10th September
Officials were Alex Ure, Stephen Spellacy and Fiona Ure
Donald Sharp 15:26,  Gill McNeil 15:08,  Graham Shedden 16:25,  Donald McCalley 15:21,  Richard Colbeck  14:12,  Collin Little 14:53,  Colin Copeland 13:46,  Brian Morrell 16:12,  Garry Collins 14:28, Daniel Walpole 14:32,  Chris Ross 12:50,  Gordon McNeil 13:19,  Neil Pearson 13:15,  Andrew Taylor 14:01

Pie Eaters Handicap TT 17th September (2014 Pie Eater after handicap adjustments is Colin Copeland)
(Click here to see the handicap calculations - based on 10mile PB / 2)
Officials were Stephen McGivern and Glenn Marland - thanks for the pies and veggie samosas.
Graham Shedden 13:40,  Daniel Walpole 12:27,  Brian Morrell 12:19,  Andrew Taylor 11:44,  Colin Copeland 11:11,  Cameron Scade 11:06,  Stuart Graham 13:10,  Richard Colbeck 12:14,  Colin Little 13:12

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