Final League Tables for 10 mile and 18 - 25 miles Handicap Competitions for 2016:

10 Mile League Table


18-25 mile League table

7th September 2016, Dumfries CC Hill Climb Championship

Thanks to Fiona Ure, Alex Ure and Stephen Spellacy for taking care of business and also to Gordon and Gill McNeil and Helen Acklam for their help and support! Here are the results: 
Graham Shedden 17.47, Brian Morrell 15.13, Shaun Wylie 15.15, Richard Colbeck 14.01, Ross Acklam 15.13,  Colin McCann 14.43, David Keenan 12.49 (1st),  Neil Pearson 13.29 (2nd),  Cameron Scade 13.49 (3rd),  David Jordan 14.39 

Congratulations to David Keenan who put in a storming ride up the hill to retain his title as Dumfries Cycling Club's Hill Climb Champion!

31st August 2016, Park Farm 18 mile TT

Thanks to Donald McCalley, David Keenan and Steve McGivern for performing timekeeping and marshaling duties. Much appreciated. The times for the final 18 mile time trial of the season as follows:

C Kirkpatrick 50.55, C Little 49.39, S Spellacy 50.27, B Morrell 49.44, D Jordan 48.35 (2nd), R Colbeck 49.22 (3rd), C McCann DNF, C Scade 45.20 (1st), S Wylie 54.08

24th August 2016, Lockerbie 10 mile TT

Tonights thanks go to Adam Mitchell and Helen Acklam for their help in the safe running of the event. Times are as follows:  

G Shedden 29.50, R Acklam 27.53, C Kirkpatrick 25.37, D McCalley 26.55,  A Ure 26.02, S Spellacy 25.22, S Garner 25.11 (2nd), C Little 25.58, C McCann 25.19, G Marland 25.44, D Keenan 25.26, D Jordan 25.15 (3rd), C Scade 23.19 (1st)

The final Dumfries CC 10 mile Handicap League will be updated soon once all results, times and points have been verified with the Race Secretary.

17th August 2016, Glencaple 25 mile TT

Apologies for the delay in posting them. Thanks to Garry Collins and Stephen Spellacy for marshaling and timekeeping. Times as follows:

D McCalley 1.10.00, A Ure 1.13.31, C Kirkpatrick 1.09.37, B Morrell 1.07.01, D Keenan 1.05.50 (3rd), D Pritchard DNF, C McCann 1.06.58, D Jordan 1.05 26 (2nd), C Scade 1.03.42 (1st). Next week is the last 10 mile TT of the season, at Lockerbie. 

3rd August 2016, Collin 10 mile TT

Thank you to Helen Acklam, Terry Kowalski and Graham Shedden for running things this evening. Here are the times: 

R Acklam 30.04, G Kerr 28.22, D McCalley 27.20, R Colbeck 26.59, C Kirkpatrick 27.13, A Ure 28.22,  D Keenan 25.55 (3rd),  G Marland 26.57, C Little 26.35, B Morrell 27.05, C McCann 25.49 (2nd), D Jordan 25.31 (1st)

27th July 2016, Lockerbie 10 mile TT
Thanks to Brian Morrell, David Jordan and Richard Colbeck for their help in running the event and thanks also to Stuart Garner for taking some brilliant photos (look out for them on the club Facebook page). Times as follows:

G Shedden 29.33, R Acklam 29.39, D McCalley 26.31, C Kirkpatrick 26.26, A Ure 26.35, K Jamieson 27.06, C Little 25.53, G Collins 24.59 (2nd =), B Morrell 25.24, C McCann 24.59 (2nd =), C Scade 23.10 (1st). 

20th July 2016, Glencaple 10 mile TT

Sincere thanks to Neil Pearson and Donald McCalley for marshaling and timekeeping. Times as follows:

G Shedden 30.35, C Kirkpatrick 27.57, Ross Acklam 30.16, A Ure 27.24,  A Niblock 28.31, C Little 25.59, B Morrell 26.45, S Spellacy 25.48, G Collins 25.44 (3rd), C McCann 25.37 (2nd), C Scade 24.08 (1st)

13th July 2016, Park Farm 18 mile TT

Thanks go to the officials on the night - Colin Little, Stuart Garner, Shaun Wylie and Stephen Spellacy - who gave up their own chance of riding to help out. Times as follows:

Craig Kirkpatrick 54.41, Donald McCartney 53.45 (3rd), Brian Morrell 52.11 (2nd), Colin McCann 49.58 (1st)

29th June 2016, Lockerbie 10 mile TT

Thanks to David Pritchard and Colin McCann, without whose help we couldn't have run the event. Times as follows: 

D McCalley 26.39, S Wyllie 25.19, S Spellacy 25.35, C Little 25.28, G Collins 24.53 (3rd) D Jordan 24.29 (2nd),  C Scade 22.35 (1st),  S Laurie 27.44

15th June 2016, Lockerbie 10 mile TT

Thanks to tonights officials who were B Young and C Scade. Times are as follows:

G Trickey 32.52, D McCalley 26.37, M Warbeck 25.33, A Ure 26.46, S Spellacy 25.35, D Keenan 25.55, G Marland 25.12, K Jamieson 25.48, D Pritchard 24.38 (3rd), D Jordan 24.32 (1st), S Garner 24.34 (2nd), C Little 25.22 

8th June 2016, Kirkland 10 mile TT

Thanks to Andrew Taylor and Cameron Scade for their assistance at this event. Times are as follows: G Trickey 36.26, D McCalley 28.16, A Ure 28.03, D Keenan 26.48, C Little 26.45 (3rd), G Collins 26.50, D Pritchard 26.23 (2nd), D Jordan 26.46, N Pearson 25.10 (1st)

1st June 2016, Loch Ken 25 mile TT

Thanks to Adam Mitchell and Brian Morrell for helping tonight, and also to Gordon and Catherine McNeil and Stephen McGivern for offering great support out on the course. Times as follows:
D McCalley 1.10.26, A Ure 1.14.07, D Pritchard 1.06.38 (3rd), G Collins 1.06.50, C Little 1.07.39, C McCann 1.09.03, D Jordan 1.06.17 (2nd), C Scade 1.00.40 (1st)

25th May 2016, Kirkland 10 mile TT

Tonight our gratitude goes to Neil Pearson, Colin Watson and Gill McNeil (on her birthday!) - thanks! Times as follows:

S Spellacy 28.26, C Little 30.19, G Collins DNF, C McCann 26.27, B Morrell 26.36, K Jamieson 27.23, D Jordan 26.06 (3rd), G Jamieson 26.14, G McNeil 25.06 (2nd), C Scade 24.02 (1st), D Pritchard 27.45.

18th May 2016, Lockerbie 10 mile TT

We're grateful to Neil Pearson who did a great job as the race official this evening. Times as follows:

G Shedden 28.37, D McCalley 26.34, S Spellacy 26.35, A Ure 27.33, C Little 25.40, G Jamieson 24.40 (2nd),  D Jordan 25.01 (3rd), S Wyllie 26.02, B Morrell 25.06, C Scade 22.54 (1st)

11th May 2016, Glencaple 25 mile TT

Huge thanks to G Shedden and S Spellacy for running things this evening. Times as follows:

D McCalley 1.11.41, Gill McNeil 1.10.22, C Little 1.08.19, D Jordan 1.06.16, S Wyllie 1.06.18, B Morrell 1.06.07, Gordon McNeil 1.03.27, C Scade 1.00.07.

4th May 2016, Lockerbie 10 mile TT.

Grateful thanks to M Duff and G Kerr for their invaluable help this evening. Times as follows:

G Shedden 31.02, D McCalley 27.38, C Little 26.41, S Spellacy 27.53, B Morrell 25.52 (2nd), S Wyllie 27.38,  C McCann 26.00 (3rd), D Jordan 26.46, C Scade 23.15 (1st)

27th April 2016, Glencaple 10 mile TT. 

Many thanks to the officials tonight, Stuart Garner and John Sturgeon who oversaw the event. League points for April will be published in due course. Times are as follows: 

D McCalley 28.51, A Mitchell 30.40, C Little 28.06, S Spellacy 28.19, B Morrell 26.45 (2nd), B Young 27.14 (3rd), D Jordan 27.26,  C Scade 24.12 (1st)

20th April 2016, Park farm 18 mile TT. 

Many thanks to officials on the night : Gill McNeil, S Spellacy and D Jordan. Times as follows:

A Mitchell
1.04.46; D McCalley 53.22; Gordon McNeil 48.34 (1st); C McCann 49.40 (3rd); B Young 54.38; S Garner 53.25; David Sloan DNF; N Pearson 51.09; C Scade 49.05 (2nd)

13th April 2016, Glencaple 10 mile TT. Times as follows:

G Shedden 32.02, Gill McNeil 28.40, A Ure 28.11, K Johnston 29.27, S Spellacy 28.26, C Little 27.27, G Collins 27.01
(3rd), B Young 27.07, C McCann 27.09, S Garner 26.45 (2nd), D McCalley 28.37, G McNeil 25.36 (1st)

6th April 2016, Collin 10 mile. 

Times as follows: W. Brown 30.52, B. Morrell 26.24 (3rd), C. Little 27.39, C. McCann 26.25, D. Jordan 27.10, D. Sloan 26.12 (2nd), C. Scade 23.32 (1st). 

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