Dumfries Cycling Club Time Trial and Race Results 2017

13th September, 'Pie Eaters' 5 mile TT, Brownhall

Once again, we're very grateful to Glenn Marland and Dave Niblock for running tonight's event and to Shaun Wylie for coming along and taking photos. Here are the times...and the winner is...

Donald McCalley 12.59 (10.56)
Alex Ure 12.58 (11.20)
Craig Kirkpatrick 12.00 (10.13) 1st
Garry Collins 12.19 (10.35) 2nd
David Jordan 12.59 (11.27)
Richard Colbeck 11.54 (11.02)
Craig Gibson 11.39 (10.42) 3rd 
Cameron Scade 11.00 (11.00)
Colin Little 13.18 (11.28)

Congratulations to Craig Kirkpatrick, our new Champion Pie Eater! 

6th September, Loch Ettrick, Dumfries CC Hill Climb Championship

Thank you to Glenn Marland and Dave Niblock (DCC Hill Climb Champion of 1998!) for ensuring a safe and enjoyable event. The times have been checked and verified and are confirmed as follows: 

Donald McCalley 14.50, Gill McNeil 15.21, Craig Kirkpatrick 14.58, Kev Jamieson 13.13 (3rd=), Craig Gibson 13.19, Gordon McNeil 14.08, Cameron Scade 12.37 (1st), David Keenan 12.44 (2nd), Neil Pearson 13.13 (3rd=), Richard Colbeck 13.43

30th August, Brownhall 13 miles, Dumfries and Galloway League 6

Thank you to Fiona Ure, Helen Acklam and Stephen Martin for their help tonight. The series depends on people giving up their time to help - it just can't happen without volunteers. On behalf of all the riders who took part in the League this year, thank you to everyone who helped at each of the events. Here are the times:

Ross Acklam 36.36, Esther Hamill 36.36, Gill McNeil 36.16, Donald McCalley 36.05, Alex Ure 36.54, Neil Pearson 32.47, Craig Gibson 33.13, Craig Kirkpatrick 34.59, Kevin Jamieson 33.42, Stewart McGregor 31.36, Garry Collins 34.22, Stuart Garner 37.09, Richard Colbeck 33.41, Glenn Marland 35.48, David Jordan 33.18, Jamie Little 32.48, Gordon McNeil 33.22, Andrew Parker DNF, Lewis Martin 29.31(2nd), Cameron Scade 31.08 (3rd), Gavin Shirley 29.21 (1st)

23rd August, Glencaple 10 miles, Dumfries CC 

Thanks to Andrew Parker and Neil Pearson for giving up their time to help this evening.        Here are the times: 

Emma Westmancott 29.52, Donald McCalley 27.52, Glenn Marland 26.46, Colin McCann DNF,  Brian Morrell 26.09, Alex Ure 27.37, Garry Collins 26.19, Gary Black 29.08, Craig Kirkpatrick 26.09, Kev Jamieson 26.02, Richard Colbeck 26.01 (3rd), Stuart Garner 25.34 (2nd), David Keenan 26.17, David Jordan 26.10, Craig Gibson 25.12 (1st)

19th August, Loch Ken 25 miles, CTT Open

Thanks also to the course marshals and officials: Craig Gibson, Graham Abrines, Stuart Acklam, Tom Nicholson, Ron McGrouther, Alison McConnachie and Jim Mcconnachie. John Sturgeon was CTT Observer. Shona Cameron did an amazing job collating results AND serving tea & coffee. The chief timekeeper was Gordon Johnston, assisted by Beatrice Acklam and Helen Acklam. Alex Barclay co-ordinated the photography with Les Fraser. All did great work in ensuring a safe and enjoyable event for the riders. Their willingness to help and give up their own time is really appreciated. Here are the times (Bib/Name/Club/Category/Time):

70 Chris Smart GTR Male Senior 00:53:17 1st Overall, 60 Douglas Watson Icarus Racing Male V40 00:54:00 2nd Overall, 30 Eddie Addis RT 23 Male Senior 00:55:54 3rd Overall, 50 Kenneth Armstrong Carrick CC Male Senior 00:56:03, 55 John Dunlop Loudoun Road Club Male Senior 00:56:40, 40 Gavin Shirley Dooley's RT Male Senior 00:56:52, 45 Michael Robb Carrick CC Male Senior 00:57:02, 10 Mark Skilling Carrick CC Male V40 00:58:15 1st V40, 65 Gordon Murdoch Icarus Racing Male V40 00:58:39 2nd V40, 41 Sean Quinn Law Wheelers Male V40 00:59:23 3rd V40, 5 Lewis Martin Classic Racing Team Male Junior 00:59:30 1st Junior, 58 Darren Carruthers Glasgow Green CC Male Senior 00:59:50, 46 Paul Robinson Loudoun Road Club Male V40 01:00:04, 53 Colin Sinclair Royal Albert CC Male V60 01:00:29 1st V60, 67 Alex McAllister Ayr Roads CC Male V60 01:00:31 2nd V60, 25 Chris Stewart Dooley's RT Male V40 01:00:57, 16 Calum MacDonald Ayr Roads CC Male Senior 01:01:15, 6 Dan Kendall Rock to Roll CC Male Senior 01:01:20, 12 Stewart McGregor Fechan flyers Male V40 01:01:45, 56 Alastair McGibbon Ayr Roads CC Male Senior 01:02:22, 7 Thomas Gooding-Hill Ayr Roads CC Male V40 01:02:32, 26 Jim Sutherland Loudoun Road Club Male V50 01:03:11 1st V50, 62 Michael Allen Fullarton Wheelers Male V50 01:03:16 2nd V50, 21 Neil Withington Beacon Wheelers Male Senior 01:03:42, 48 David Jordan Dumfries CC Male V50 01:03:52 3rd V50, 42 Stevie Watters Fullarton Wheelers Male V50 01:04:40, 52 David Fulton Carrick CC Male V50 01:05:02, 64 Kevin Jamieson Dumfries CC Male V40 01:05:34, 37 Alan Fraser Robinson Velo Club Cumbria Male V60 01:05:37 3rd V60, 28 Stephen Makin Falkirk B C Male V40 01.05.52, 54 Craig Kirkpatrick Dumfries CC Male Senior 01:06:21, 33 Scott-Alexander McKendrick Fullarton Wheelers Male V40 01:06:47, 22 Pamela Craig RT 23 Female Senior 01:07:09 1st Woman,  44 Ally Hume Loudoun Road Club Male Senior 01:08:33, 43 Glenn Marland Dumfries CC Male V50 01:09:19, 3 Brian Morrell Dumfries CC Male V50 01:09:35, 4 William Ramsay Loudoun Road Club Male V60 01:09:35, 9 David Robinson Loudoun Road Club Male V40 01:10:12, 38 Garry Collins Dumfries CC Male V40 01:10:27, 32 Stuart Garner Dumfries CC Male Senior 01:11:11, 14 Donald MccCalley Dumfries CC Male V50 01:11:32, 29 Jason McCulloch Loudoun Road Club Male Espoir 01:11:39, 59 Esther Hamill Dumfries CC Female V40 01:11:40 2nd Woman,  18 Robert Clements Law Wheelers Male V60 01:13:26, 8 Deirdre O'Reilly Glasgow Wheelers Female V40 01:13:29 3rd Woman, 69 Lindsay Foster Hitchin Nomads CC Male V50 01:14:04, 36 Derek Skinner Fullarton Wheelers Male V40 01:14:23, 68 Mike Ferguson Johnstone Wheelers Male V60 01:15:23, 1 Emma Westmancott Dumfries CC Female Senior 01:16:13, 19 Margaret McPhillips Stockport Clarion CC Female V40 01:17:38, 2 Hannah Dines Storey Racing Female T2 01:40:28 1st T2 Paracyclist, 11 Joe Hands Velo Club Vitesse Male Senior DNF, 57 Andrew McKinlay Velo Club Vitesse Male V50 DNF.

2nd August, Glencaple 10 miles, Dumfries and Galloway League 5

Grateful thanks on behalf of all the riders to those who volunteered to help run the event: Fiona Ure, John Sturgeon, Richard Colbeck and Shaun Wylie. Great work!

Here are the times: (riders representing DCC unless otherwise stated)

Gordon McNeil 24.57, Colin Little 27.15, Gill McNeil 27.46, Alex Ure 28.37, Esther Hamill 27.46, Colin McCann 27.07, Donald McCalley 27.39, Craig Kirkpatrick 26.35, Brian Morrell 26.36, Stuart Garner 25.51, David Jordan 25.30, Jamie Little - CRT 25.01, Kevin Jamieson 25.51, Stewart McGregor - Fechan Flyers 23.53, Garry Collins 26.03, Craig Gibson 25.50, Lewis Martin - CRT 23.09 (1st), Stephen Spellacy 25.02, Chris Stewart - Dooley's RT 24.28, Andrew Parker 24.38, Cameron Scade 23.16 (2nd), Gavin Shirley - Dooley's RT 23.37 (3rd)

26th July, Kirkland 10 miles

Thanks to Gill McNeil and Andrew Parker for helping run the event. Points for the Handicap 10 League table will be updated again shortly.

Emma Westmancott 30.05, Donald McCalley 27.33, Colin Little 27.24, Colin McCann 26.50, Brian Morrell 26.41, Garry Collins 26.13, Craig Kirkpatrick 26.09, Stuart Garner 25.42, David Keenan 25.40 (3rd), Gordon McNeil 24.23 (2nd), Cameron Scade 23.06 (1st + CR)

28th June, Glencaple 6.5 miles Dumfries and Galloway League 4

Particular thanks to Fiona Ure, Alex Ure, Helen Acklam, Gordon McNeil and Stephen Martin for volunteering to help run the event. All the riders appreciate your efforts. Here are the times: 

Emma Westmancott (DCC) 21.01, Ross Acklam (DCC) 19.06, Gary Black (DCC) 20.10, Graham Black (DCC) 21.53, Cameron Black (DCC) 20.51, Donald McCalley (DCC) 19.03, Gill McNeil (DCC) 18.57, Colin Little (DCC) 19.14, Colin McCann (DCC) 18.47, Kevin Plummer (DCC) 19.52, Esther Hamill (DCC) 18.50, David Keenan (DCC) 17.04, Glenn Marland (DCC) 18.48, Craig Gibson (DCC) 17.08, Craig Kirkpatrick (DCC) 18.05, David Holland (DCC) 18.17, Garry Collins (DCC) 17.55, Stuart Garner (DCC) 17.17, Sandy Laurie (DCC) 18.53, Ricky Lockhart (Rock To Roll) 17.38, David Jordan (DCC) 17.22, Richard Colbeck (DCC) 17.30, Cameron Scade (DCC) 15.44 (1st), Stephen Spellacy (DCC) 16.57,  Andrew Parker (DCC) 16.39,  Lewis Martin (CRT) 15.54 (2nd), Chris Stewart (Dooley's RT) 16.17, Gavin Shirley (Dooley's RT) 16.02 (3rd)

21st June, 'Devil on Wheels' 18 miles

Thanks to Emma Westmancott, Colin Little, John Sturgeon and Brian Morrell for giving up their time helping with timekeeping and marshaling the course. Here are the times from this evening's event:

Ross Acklam 53.39, Gill McNeil 52.42, Donald McCalley 54.01, Alex Ure 51.57, Sandy Laurie 53.08, Craig Kirkpatrick 49.28, David Jordan 47.34, Colin McCann 50.25, Garry Collins 49.04, Glenn Marland 49.58, Richard Colbeck 46.56 (2nd), Andrew Parker 44.40 (1st), Stephen Spellacy DNF, Craig Gibson 49.40, Gordon McNeil 47.08 (3rd)

14th June, Lockerbie 10 miles

Thanks to Craig Kirkpatrick and Fiona Ure for their help in running the event, and to David Keenan for his support and photographs. Here are the times:

Emma Westmancott 29.29, Gary Black 28.32, Cameron Black DNF, Ross Acklam 27.20, Andrew Wheeler 30.18, Sandy Laurie 26.46, Donald McCalley 26.41, Alex Ure 25.50, Colin McCann 26.15, Brian Morrell 24.56, Colin Little 26.15, Richard Colbeck 24.19 (3rd),  Kevin Jamieson 25.24,  Stuart Garner 24.27, Garry Collins 26.08, Gordon McNeil 24.26, Stephen Spellacy 23.12 (=2nd), Cameron Scade 22.34 (1st), Andrew Parker 23.12 (=2nd), Glenn Marland 26.01, Craig Gibson 24.28

7th June, 'Merckx' TT, Glencaple 6.6 miles

Thanks to all who took part and special thanks to Fiona Ure, Graham Shedden and Richard Colbeck for running the show. Here are the (unadjusted) times:

Andrew Wheeler 20.12, Adam Mitchell 21.26, Cameron Black 20.21, Gary Black 19.42, Graham Black 20.22, Gill McNeil 18.58, Donald McCalley 19.42, Kevin Plummer 20.55, David Niblock 21.11, Craig Kirkpatrick 18.10, Garry Collins 17.49, Brian Young 18.08, Glenn Marland 19.38, Sandy Laurie 18.35, David Keenan 18.34, Brian Morrell 17.55, Craig Gibson 17.48, Andrew Parker 16.08, Shaun Wylie 18.17, Gordon McNeil 17.30, Stephen Spellacy 17.33, Cameron Scade 16.29


31st May, Glencaple 10 miles Dumfries & Galloway League 3

Many thanks to Garry Collins, Donald McCalley, Helen Acklam, Fiona Ure, Graeme Shedden and Brian Young for giving up their time to run a safe and successful event. Here are the times:

Emma Westmancott 28.52, Gill McNeil 27.37, Esther Hamill 26.47, Ross Acklam 27.48, Craig Gibson 24.42, Craig Kirkpatrick 26.27, Alex Ure 26.48, Brian Morrell 25.39, Colin Little 26.15, Richard Colbeck 25.12, Stuart Garner 25.01, Graeme Hogg 26.31, Kev Jamieson 26.08, David Jordan 25.41, Brian Young 26.00, Stewart McGregor 23.40 (3rd), Gordon McNeil 24.44, Neil Pearson 24.58, Stephen Spellacy 23.43, Chris Stewart 23.38 (2nd), Gavin Shirley 22.36 (1st)*Course record*, Kevin Plummer 27.13, Cameron Black 29.22, David Pennington 33.53, Gary Black DNF, Shaun Wylie 25.22, Kevin Earl 31.02,  Adam Mitchell 30.52.

10th May, Glencaple 25 miles Dumfries & Galloway League 2

Sincere thanks to Brian Morrell, Fiona Ure, Gill McNeil, Stephen Martin and Kev Jamieson for giving up their time to help this evening, and to Stuart Garner and Cameron Black for their efforts in taking photographs and offering support out on the course. Here are the times: 

Emma Westmancott (DCC) 80.51, Donald McCalley (DCC) 70.47, Gary Black (DCC) 75.19, Colin Little (DCC) 68.27, David Kikpatrick (DCC) 78.21, Craig Gibson (DCC) 69.10,  Alex Ure (DCC) 71.23,  Sandy Laurie (DCC) 70.38, David Jordan (DCC) 65.41, Garry Collins (DCC) 67.32, Glenn Marland (DCC) 67.50, Brian Young (DCC) 66.53, Craig Kirkpatrick (DCC) 67.32,  Andrew Parker (DCC) 61.07,  Esther Hamill (DCC) 72.43,  Colin McCann (DCC) 67.11, Stewart McGregor (FF) 61.52, Gordon McNeil (DCC) 63.57, Stephen Spellacy (DCC) 60.52, Jamie Little (CRT) 65.18,  Neil Pearson (DCC) 63.06, Lewis Martin (CRT) 59.47 (3rd), Cameron Scade (DCC) DNF, Richard Colbeck (DCC) 65.22, Chris Stewart (DRT) 59.19 (2nd), Gavin Shirley (DRT) 57.32 - *Course Record* (1st)

26th April, Glencaple 10 miles Dumfries & Galloway League 1

Huge thanks to everyone for coming along and supporting this new venture. Particular thanks to Fiona Ure for timekeeping, and to John Graham, Alan Hewitt and Helen Acklam for their excellent assistance. Times as follows:

Robert McCalley (CRT) 26.37, Emma Westmancott (DCC) 31.02, Ross Acklam (DCC) 28.29, Gill McNeil (DCC) 28.15, David Jordan (DCC) 26.38, Brian Morrell (DCC) 26.21, Esther Hamill (DCC) 28.11, Rob Nicholson (CRT) 26.59, Colin Little (DCC) 28.44,  Ricky Lockhart (R2R) 26.06, Colin McCann (DCC) 27.09, Stuart McGregor (FF) 25.10, Brian Young (DCC) 27.31, Stuart Garner (DCC) 26.40, Derek Reive (FF) 28.02,  Stephen Spellacy DCC) 24.54,  Jamie Little (CRT) 25.01, Kevin Jamieson (DCC) 26.00, Gordon McNeil (DCC) 25.26, Garry Collins (DCC) 26.51, Donald McCalley (DCC) 28.27, Richard Colbeck (DCC) 26.34, Craig Gibson (DCC) 27.34, Craig Kirkpatrick (DCC) 27.21, Alex Ure (DCC) 27.01, Neil Pearson (DCC) 24.50, Mickey Warbeck (FF) 26.34, Graeme Hogg (FF) 26.40, Lewis Martin (CRT) 23.53 (3rd), Chris Stewart (DRT) 23.51 (2nd), Gavin Shirley (DRT) 22.50 (1st) *Course Record*

19th April, Collin 10 miles

Many thanks to Fiona Ure, Alex Ure, Donald McCalley and David Keenan for their invaluable help in running the event. Here are the times:

Emma Westmancott 31.34, Esther Hamill 28.08, Fraser Bradford McGill 29.50, Shaun Wylie 25.39, Sandy Laurie 27.54, Cameron Scade 24.28 (1st), Craig Kirkpatrick 26.44, Brian Morrell 26.22, David Jordan 26.26, Garry Collins 26.16, Stuart Garner 26.19, Kevin Jamieson 26.00, Richard Colbeck 26.05, Gill McNeil 27.45, Gordon McNeil 25.21, Ross Acklam 29.03, Neil Pearson 25.14 (3rd),  Stephen Spellacy 24.36 (2nd). 

Look out for a handicap league points update coming soon!

12th April. Park Farm 18 miles

Thanks to Helen Acklam, Terry Kowalski and Dave Niblock for their help with the smooth running of the event. Here are the times:

Emma Westmancott 58.12;  Craig Gibson 51.33; Fraser Bradford McGill 54.47; Donald McCalley 52.26; Ross Acklam 54.40; Alex Ure 52.40; Gill McNeil 53.26; Craig Kirkpatrick 52.10; Shaun Wylie 48.57; Brian Morrell 49.31; James Addie 46.06 (1st); Kevin Jamieson 48.55; Glenn Marland 50.09; Richard Colbeck 50.34; Sean Kearney 53.06; Stephen Spellacy DNF; Garry Collins 49.43; Sandy Laurie 52.34; Neil Pearson 47.10 (2nd); Gordon McNeil 47.46 (3rd).

5th April. Glencaple 10 miles

Thanks to Garry Collins and Colin McCann for carrying out the official duties this evening. Here are the times: 

Emma Westmancott 36.05; Fraser Bradford McGill 29.29; Donald McCalley 27.42; Gill McNeil 28.37; Dave Moss 30.19; Esther Hamill 29.08; Sandy Laurie 27.42; Craig Kirkpatrick 27.07; Glenn Marland 27.10; Brian Morrell 26.09; Kevin Jamieson 26.42; Shaun Wylie 26.00 (3rd); David Jordan 26.25;  Stuart Garner 26.22;  Neil Pearson 25.54 (2nd); Gordon McNeil 25.45 (1st); Ross Acklam 29.35.

Well done to everyone.

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