Dumfries Cycling Club Time Trial and Race Results 2018

11th April 2018 Dumfries CC (Club Confined) Time Trial, Collin, 10 miles

Thanks to Richard Colbeck, Donald McCalley, Craig Gibson and Gordon McNeil for running things tonight. Here are the times, headed by a sensational new course record by Joe Reilly:

Emma Westmancott 31:06 (3rd F); Ross Acklam 29:39; Gill McNeil 27:56 (1st F); Esther Hamill 29:53 (2nd F); Glenn Marland 28:08; Sandy Laurie 27:39; Roger McIntyre 27:00; Stuart Garner DNF; Brian Morrell 27:01; David Jordan 25:30; Craig Kirkpatrick 27.04; William Hannay 23:23 (2nd); Joe Reilly 22:11 (1st); Andrew Parker 25:13 (3rd); Garry Collins 26:51; Cameron Black 31:56; Keith Johnstone 28:37

18th April 2018 Dumfries CC (Club Confined) Time Trial, Park Farm, 17.5 miles

Thanks to Gill McNeil, Gordon McNeil, Graeme Ward and John Sturgeon for their help in putting on the event and also to Andrew Parker who helped prepare the course by sweeping gravel while on his pre-race recce. Here are the times:

Emma Westmancott 56:55 (1st F), Keith Johnston 52:28, Donald McCalley 51:19, Colin Little 52:27, Glenn Marland 50:29, Sandy Laurie 50:26, Brian Morrell 49:43, Garry Collins 49.08, Craig Kirkpatrick 49:52, David Jordan 46:23 (1st= M), Craig Gibson 46:23 (1st= M), Richard Colbeck 49.02, Andrew Parker DNF, Neil Pearson 47.01 (3rd M), Graeme Cross 55:19.

16th May 2018 Dumfries CC (Club Confined) Time Trial + 'Come & Try' Event, Glencaple, 10 miles

Thanks to Neil Pearson, Sandy Laurie, Andrew Parker and Richard Colbeck for timekeeping and marshaling: an excellent team effort! Here are the times: 

Gill McNeil 27:48 (1st F); Gordon McNeil 25:28; David Jordan 25:02 (3rd M); Stuart Garner 29:09; Wendy Hamilton 35:03; Kevin Prince 38:35; Janette Gallagher 38:25; Ross Acklam 28:47; Hazel Smyth 30:32; Chris Nicholson 26:00; Tom Nicholson 25:54; Cole Nicholson 29:23 (1st J); Carol Graham 36:55; *Zoe Graham 31:13 (2nd J); Melanie Martin 29:12 (2nd F); Ruthie Joss 30:07 (3rd F); Emma Westmancott 30:44Stephen Barbour 31:21; *Sam Barbour 34:10 (3rd J); Martin Brown 27:13; Craig Gibson 24:49 (2nd M)Hannah Ingram 33:27; Charlene Saunderson 32:55; Martin Ingram 27:24; David Howard 26:49; Craig McRobert 29:23; Paul Somerville 28:29; Rob MacKenzie 29:46; Colin Little 28:21; John Sturgeon 25:05; Donald McCalley 27:44; Cameron Scade 23:58 (1st M)

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